Mural Painting

Today I proudly proclaim myself a muralist, having just finished a summer mural painting class. Our first project was a mural for the Regency Athletic Fields at Metropolitan State University Denver (my school of course). It was a huge undertaking; one hundred and eighty four feet painted on 46 panels.

006    mural design

We haven’t heard the exact date for installation, but it will be exciting to see it all together.  No one has; it is too large to put all together at one time.  We worked on sections which we put away and then put up other sections to work on.  Here are some photos of the work in progress.

Mural in progress   015   Mural in progress

We all  worked on several sections and I was so lucky to be able to paint my favorite part; the ball.  I had done the photo shop work on it for the design so it felt really good to take it to completion.

Soccer ball