More shows

I have another painting  hanging semi-permanently on campus.  This one is in the Colorado Challenge Office in the Student Success Building. This brings the total to three works hanging in three different buildings.  I am keeping a list to make sure I pick them all up when I graduate. Even better perhaps one of these will sell and I won’t have to pick them up at all.


Cordoned Off

If you have lived in Aurora for a while you may recognize the domed building.  Officially it was referred to as the Fan Fair building. I painted it last semester before they tore it down. This painting, Cordoned Off, is currently hanging in the CVA gallery.  It was also published in the yearly Metrosphere magazine. Painting gives me opportunity to capture moments that will never present themselves again.


Small Birds

small bird #1. #2.#3

The Poetry Show was a success; several artists sold work.  Happily I was one of them. The birch wood panels shown measure 12″ x 12″. Each has a small bird burned onto the surface.  Wood burning is a new skill for me (these are my first) and I found that I enjoyed really enjoy the process. It is basically drawing with a very hot tool. The angle of the implement and the length of time it is left in contact with the wood all affect the mark left on the board.

At the opening several people stopped and talked to me about this work. First, they asked “How are these done?” and then they expressed their appreciation of the work, which always pleases the artist. Even better, these little birds are now hanging in a new home passing the “whole gift of the day.”