Live Painting

This week I had the opportunity to do something new with my art.  I was invited to live paint with a group of musicians.  For those of you who don’t know, live painting is painting with an audience.  An elementary school band group came to Metro to learn how to sound paint; which is a form of improvisation.  The conductor uses hand signals to guide the band in their playing.  There is no music, just the signals of the leader. My job was to paint in response to what I was hearing. Sometimes chaotic, sometimes sweet, it was great fun.  Here is the result of the hour collaboration. The kids took it with them to hang in their school and I got paid.





Jenny Loves Corky

Book number two is finally published. There were several hiccups with the publishing process which delayed things, but now you can find it on the web. If you go to Amazon you can get a peek inside the book to see a few illustrations rather than just being content with the cover.

Jenny Loves Corky cover


New Mexico Revisited

Last summer I took hundreds of photos while in New Mexico.  I was convinced that I would be using these as references for future paintings.  This is still probably true.  The future was just further away than I thought. School work and the rest of my crazy life has gotten in the way.  A call for art work gave me the push to revisit these photos and start painting. I took these just minutes apart.

New Mexico painting trip 125    New Mexico painting trip 134

The Tiger Swallowtail butterfly landed on a friend’s easel, much to her dismay, but to my delight.  It stayed long enough to get several photos from several angles.  These two images combined to create a Georgia O’Keefe inspired painting.

Thomas D 3