Final Project

At the beginning of the semester it was indicated that we would be able to choose our final project. I spent the whole semester thinking about it and came up with two good ideas. Things have changed and I won’t be doing them, but I liked the ideas so much that I want to at least post them. The first was a performance. I never thought I would like performance work however, that first one went so well that I would like to do another. I would need two other team members. One to document and another to talk on the phone. The idea is this; the artist would sit or walk around campus (or another public place) with a cell phone in a backpack. Attached to the phone is a hand set that looks as though it belongs to an old rotary phone, but is fully functional. Another artist calls the phone, it is answered by pulling the handset out of the bag. Then the phone is handed to an unsuspecting passerby and told “It’s for you!” If they take the call they are then engaged in pleasant conversation and told “good luck with finals” or something to that effect. If you take the risk, you are rewarded.

The second idea is an interactive sculpture.  Marbles of a wide variety would be dropped down the top of the sculputer where they would bounce off nails to then roll into different tracks where they land sorted into categories. They can then be picked up and resorted. We are constantly being sorted and sorting other people. We are male or female, old or young, good looking or not so, smart or dumb, nice or mean, friendly or shy and so forth.


A compliment

I finished a few illustrations for the book and sent them to the author. He wrote back that he was very happy with my work and wished he had found me when he first started writing his books. What a great compliment. Now I will go back and redo one of the drawings I wasn’t completely happy with to make sure I deserve that compliment. After the lack of response from the class on critique day, that comment made me feel a little better.

Art Guild

I went to my first Art Guild meeting this week.  This is all new to me and I didn’t know what to expect.  They were searching for new blood and they hooked me.  Before the evening was over I was invited to join another organization.  There isn’t enough time in my life for much more.  The people were very nice and the demonstration was well presented and informative. This is a group of mostly retired people turned art hobbiest.  Some are very talented. They want to be and do more. One member sold 57 paintings this year.  She seems to be doing the best.  The yearly art show is their most successful venue. Last year, I recognized work from an artist that I had seen in a gallery on Santa Fe Dr.; that’s what got my attention.  The guild also has opportunities to place art in tea shops, vision centers, beauty shops and a massage salon. I’m trying decide what I think about that. There are things I can learn here, I’m just not sure how much or for how long.

Artist Statement

My painting goes to the show this weekend. Along with the painting I needed to send an artist’s statement and/or a bio. That was a new one. I’ve never written either. I gave it my best shot and then sent it to a former professor and artist for her imput. With a little rewrite this is what I ended up with.

The world is full of beauty. Much of this beauty is found in things that are living, growing and changing second by second. These are particularly appealing to me. My wish is to capture and emphasize the loveliness of life. There is great joy in studying every nuance of color, shape and texture in an object, then recording that on paper or canvas. I feel great reverence as I create and hope this feeling is reflected in my work.

Growing up drawing and painting, I began winning awards in first grade. This continued through my public education culminating in receiving two art scholarships for college. My university education was interrupted by marriage to a wonderful man and the very important work of raising a large family. During those years my art was not entirely forgotten, it has beautified my home and the homes of family and friends. It also found useful application in creating teaching aids for classrooms at the local school and church. Even though there are still young children in my house, with the support of my family, I have been able to return to school and recently received an Associate of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Fine Art. Currently, I am working toward a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Art and illustrating a children’s book.

Pleasant Surprise

I spent the week in Utah taking care of my daughter, son-in law and their new baby. I didn’t expect to get to see any art. I was wrong. A friend of Sarah’s was having an art show Friday evening and Sarah was feeling well enough to go for a little while. She had some very lovely portraits on display. She used the Byzantine type halos behind the figures. It was fun to recognize her parents (a very young version) in one painting. We wandered around the building looking at other work on display. The Senior exhibits were very impressive. One artist in particular had sculpture, painting, photography and drawings all presented and beautifully executed. The concepts behing them were the most fasinating. He took photos of cathedral windows in Europe printed on clear arcylic sheets and placed one on top of the other with a light shining behind them that changed the look of the light and colors as you walked nearer. He also had a bowl of small bones with scriptures written on them next to a bible open to the book of Jeremiah (the valley of dry bones). Another that I thought was interesting was a wooden box full of water color paintings of everyday objects with description of the object and it’s use typed on the back. You could fip through it, take them out and look at them. It was reminiscent of a catalog of objects that an archeologist would make. Some of these had a 4D element, one example was a display of melted tooth shaped candles next to a video of them lit and melting. None of it was as lovely as little Lucy.