Sesame Street-how could I resist?

Sesame Street and all it’s characters have become so iconic. Who would have guessed that Big Bird would become a political source of contention. I could never calculate all the hours I have spent watching Sesame Street over the years. It has been on in my house most days for the last 25 years. I watched it myself as a child and watched it with my younger siblings. Sometimes it seemed to mirror my own life. Maria and Louise were getting married just as my first child was starting to watch the show as a baby and Maria was pregnant and having her baby girl at the same time I was having my second child, a baby girl. Going back and watching clips from the show has reminded me of how it has changed over the years. The concept of short clips stung together came from the fact that television commercials are short and keep our attention. It was created to keep the attention of a very young child. For this project we are expected to keep our audience’s attention. It wouldn’t seem hard to keep someone’s attention for 2 to 3 minutes. In today’s world I think it is harder than it was 25 years ago. Just as Sesame Street has picked up the pace of their show, entertainment has picked up the pace. If there is lag time you loose your audience. We make up our mind in a few seconds if something is worth it or if we want to turn to the myriad of other things vying for our attention.



I’ve been thinking a lot about the copy right laws. I had really mixed feelings while watching the documentary Rip. People need to be able to make a living off of their creativity and I would want to protect my work from being corrupted or turned into something negative. It just seems so crazy that the laws are so much more restrictive on digital work than it is on printed work. The movie pointed to the big corporate greed as the source. I can’t help but think that lawyers have a big hand to play in it. These lawsuites are the source of their income. I’ve seen it in other industries. They are hired to do a job and then they take over and all common sense is lost. The balance has been thrown off.

On a happier note I have also been thinking a lot about music. It has always been an important part of my life. I am not much of a musician although several of my family memebers are very gifted. My life tends to be noisey and I appreciate quiet moments. My kids often want to put on music (we have similar tastes so the diagreement doesn’t come with what they are listening to) and I often say no there is just too much noise already in the house. What I have realized lately is that my creative work is much better when I am listening to music that makes me feel good. It is a useful tool. I think it is like anything. There needs to be a balance; balance between loud and soft, noise and quiet.

Good News

I am too excited about my good news to write about anything else right now. One of my paintings, Sunflowers, was excepted into the Gateway to the Rockies Art Show. Now I need to get it framed and ready to go. My husband gets to show his support by delivering it since I will be in class during that time. This will be my first work on public display someplace other that school.

More good news, I am getting into a rythm with the illustrations for the book. At this rate I should have it done by Thanksgiving. I just need to get a photo for the cover.I think the one of Betsy Lynn on the roller coaster is my favorite, so far.

Now, a note about class. The sound editing has been fun. I had some ideas I would have liked to add, there just wasn’t enough time. When I have taken digital classes before, the only way I could keep up was to work outside of class. This is the first time that I’ve felt like my skills are adequate for the class. I must be learning something.

Project 6 critique

I always walk into class on critique day excited to see what everyone in the class has accomplished. By the end of class I am humbled by all the talent. Some of the projects are amazing, and they can be so very different! I always work hard, but not having any experience with the program limits my abilities. I think that some of the “Wow” is taken out of the projects at the end of class. Everyone is getting tired and techniques that were cool the first time they were seen don’t have the same impact the second or third time around. I’m just glad I don’t have to grade them. Even with a Rubric it would be hard to base the grade just on fulfilling the assignment and not to compare the results.

All the angles

I’m almost done with project 6-the video editing. I think I could turn it in now and it would be OK, I have had lots of fun with all the tools I could figure out, but I think I can do a little more to tweek it. It is crazy mess, fun and interesting, but crazy.

I got my work submitted to the Gateway to the Rockies Art Show. I was hoping to have 3 paintings done. I only got two done because I ended up having to design the cover for the book I had done the illustration for. The author didn’t like the design the publishing company came up with. I had to agree with him. It wasn’t very good. I wonder who these people are that are putting these together. I sent them the InDesign document so they could add their logos and the UPC. It will go to press in a couple of weeks.

I got one illustration for the next book done. All in all it was a pretty productive week.