Projects 4 and 5

Well the projects didn’t kill me, actually they were pretty of fun once I decide to just go with it.

Project 4 was a totally different way of painting for me.  I normally carefully plan my composition and paint in a realistic manner.  This time I just picked up a brush and went for it. The oblique strategies were actually very helpful.  I was stuck and they fixed that.  I can see myself using them in future however, I would pick and choose which ones I thought most helpful and not feel so tied to them.

Project 5 was the real challenge.  I just couldn’t decide what to do.  Did I need a audience?  How big and who? There was so much in the reading that I was having trouble picking out the ideas that I wanted to focus on technology, people, transformation those seemed good places to start. I remembered that we were to push ourselves so I did. I stepped out of my comfort zone and quite literally into other peoples space.  Not only did I have fun I think a few other people did as well. At the very least I gave some people something to talk about “today on the light rail this lady…..I don’t know why…she was very…”

I was planning on entering a piece into the Bicycle Soup art show, but something else came up.  I have been hired by a friend to illustrate a book he is planning to self publish.  This is his fourth self published book.  He wasn’t happy with the illustrations in his first book so he hired someone else to do the second and third. He hasn’t been completely pleased with her work either so he came to me.  I showed him my work and he was impressed.  I had just started to work on the book when he called saying that book number three was all set to go to the publisher. The illustrations had come in the mail, but he didn’t like the cover illustration. Could I do a new cover? Getting paid is a good thing, and experience is even better so I agreed.  The only trouble was he wanted it fast! I now understand why in the “real world” a publisher hires the illustrator.  The author has images in his head that he hopes can be reproduced and this is a difficult thing to accomplish. It can also stifle the artist’s creativity. After a couple of attempts I got it “right” and the drawing has been sent to the publisher. Now I am turning my attention back to the other book. This should be an interesting adventure.

I may have missed out on Bicycle Soup, but I do have a couple of paintings ready to submit to the Gateway to the Rockies Art Show. I have learned that you can’t do everything, but you can still to a lot.